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bravegirl: "momma, makeup and mental Health" collide

forming a one-of-a-kind beauty & lifestyle brand that aspires to be 'more than just makeup'.

After losing her fiance to suicide, BraveGirl Founder, Katrina Ruzic searched for the silverlining, she was determined to make an impact and change the world. She searched for a way to create a brand that could be a reflection of herself.

Armed with her Makeup Artistry diploma and inspired by the quote, "Broken is still Beautiful" Katt created BraveGirl by combining what meant the most to her: being a momma, her passion for makeup and a deeply personal goal to advocate for mental health.


'pretty typical makeup-loving, millennial momma'

I'm a 30-something, Italian-Metis, Canadian - born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I am a single mom to a six-year-old and have a gigantic, unorthodox close-knit family. 

I'm opinionated, outspoken, and loud. I like to talk about the taboo, the topics that make you squirm, the secrets we hide away…because in my experience, secrets kill. 

mental illness:
it  affects everyone

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In Canada, it is estimated that about 9.1 million people will be affected by a mental illness during their lifetime.


Don't wait to reach out, call the distress center. 

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