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After losing her fiance to suicide, BraveGirl Founder, Katrina Ruzic searched for the silverlining, she was determined to make an impact and change the world. She searched for a way to create a brand that could be a reflection of herself.

Armed with her Makeup Artistry diploma and inspired by the quote, "Broken is still Beautiful" Katt created BraveGirl by combining what meant the most to her: being a momma, her passion for makeup and a deeply personal goal to advocate for mental health.

BraveGirl is also: a social media influencer, and content creator, with content from the beauty industry to parenting, health and wellness, and even current social issues.

BraveGirl strives to create an all-inclusive online community for people like our founder,  a beauty-obsessed, millennial, momma, passionate about mental health.

BraveGirl aspires to use the beauty-industry as a platform to advocate for mental health awareness. 


a one-of-a-kind brand focused on mommas, makeup & mental health 

salon & spa | cosmetics boutique | Content creator | advocate

'pretty typically makeup-loving, millennial momma'


Get to know me

How many people do you know with sixteen siblings?

Or became a widow at 27 years old?


There's nothing really 'typical' about me


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“broken is still beautiful”

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