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Seven Weeks of Hell

Dear Joshua,

It’s been seven weeks.

Seven weeks of hell.

Remember how we wrote down all of our important dates?

Anytime something that defined “US” and who we were as a family, as the Tice’s.

I do. It’s all in our “Adventure Book”.

As I was going through it, I found this picture.

Do you remember?

The date was October 14th 2016. We were in the condo drinking Vodka & Coke on a Friday night, playing “Never Have I Ever”. You made me laugh more than I ever thought I could. & then....then you made me cry.

We were standing in the hallway, you pulled me close & took my hands while you looked into my eyes....

“Can I be Luca’s Dad?”

I cried.

I balled.

You were everything.

You loved me for who I was. For the baggage I had.

For my son.

For OUR son.

You were his Daddy, his Dada, his hero. & you still are.

He is so much like you; from the little walk he does when he’s being silly to how he makes his bed before he goes to sleep.

He’s yours because YOU made him YOURS.

He misses you. I miss you.

More and more everyday.

I love you Joshua, we both do.


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